Due to the short rainy season, the intense heat continues every day,

It is Tokyo of this time with an unstable climate in rainy days like returning to the rainy season. 。

The weather is unstable and the heat is alive, so we will deliver a unique coordination at this time.

DesignedKash Cool TopsIs a perfect item for spring and summer when the layer style is difficult to enjoy.

Combined with the wide pants, the best waist mark has a leg length effect, and it is a sharp outfit.

Hair and makeup has a rough wet hair with a rough wet hair for the built -in Kashukuru tops.

The lip is modest and keeps the balance of adults.

Choose a model with a belt material and a model with a strong presence in the season when the arm is visible while being aware of the refreshing feeling as a whole.



Wearing model: Orderly J84979G LE-LGR



Wearing model: Orderly J84978S LE-PBU

Wearing model: CURIOUS V-004SM

Wearing model: ARC J84974S



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