Terms of Use

Charako Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is the membership agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this service") (hereinafter referred to as "this service") of services for members (hereinafter referred to as "this service"). I will determine as it is. In addition, members who use this service will have accepted the contents of these Terms.

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 The range and change of these Terms

These Terms shall be applied to the use of this service to our and members (defined in Article 3). We may change these terms by notifying members in a way that we judge appropriate without prior consent of members.

Article 2 Use of this service

Members shall use this service according to these Terms and the rules specified separately by us. We may change the contents of this service without the prior consent of the member.

Chapter 2 member

Article 3 members

"Members" refers to those who have accepted the content of these Terms, applying for a member registration in accordance with our prescribed procedures, and approved this.

Article 4 member registration

Applicants to enroll shall apply for membership registration according to the method specified by us from the membership registration page of this service. We shall approve the application by sending the registration confirmation email to the application set forth in the preceding paragraph. We may not approve the registration application if any of the following items are applicable.

  1. When it is found that the applicant who wishes to members has been disposed of membership registration due to violation of these Terms in the past, etc. in the past.
  2. If the application of the applicant will include false items
  3. When we judge that it is inappropriate to approve other registration applications in the preceding items

Member registration shall be limited to those who have an address in Japan. The usage agreement between us and the member based on these Terms will be effective between the Company and the member until the day when the membership registration is completed or the day when the registration of the member has been canceled or the member is withdrawn. It will survive. Members have guaranteed to our company that their age is 18 years old or older or if their age is less than 18, they have the consent of their parents as they purchase products by using this service. Please note that it will be considered as a thing.

Article 5 Notification and withdrawal of changes

Members shall be notified as soon as we, address, name, telephone number, credit card number, and other matters reported to our company. If you wish to withdraw, you can always unsubscribe by accessing the inquiry form and applying. However, even if the withdrawal procedure is completed, the member shall be inevitable for the implications under these Terms, such as the obligation to pay by this service.

Article 6 Suspension of this service and cancellation of membership registration

If the member falls under any of the following items, we may suspend the use of this service or delete the membership registration without prior notice.

  1. In the past, it is found that it has been disposed of membership registration due to violation of these Terms in the past.
  2. If there is a delay in implementation of payment debt, such as the trading value of the product purchased by using this service, or other defaults
  3. When an act of Article 10 (prohibited) is performed
  4. If you violate these Terms
  5. When we judge that it is inappropriate as a member in addition to each issue

Article 7 ID and password management

The member shall be responsible for managing the email address and password set by the member himself. Members shall not transfer, lend, or disclose the user ID and password to third parties. Members shall be responsible for the damage caused by insufficient management of user ID and password, use of use, and third parties, and shall not be liable at all. Members shall immediately contact us if the user ID and password have been used illegally by a third party.

Article 8 Personal information of users

The usage status of this website, including the address, name, phone number, etc. in which you use this service, will be registered as personal information in this website database. This website handles registered information as personal information and manages as follows. Please note that if you do not agree with these Terms, we will not be able to provide our services.

  1. Purpose of use of personal information
    1. Member management
    2. Product shipping
    3. Customer support
    4. Issuance of e -mail magazine
    5. Introduction of products, etc., advertising, advertising, solicitation of sales
    6. Planning and questionnaire for campaigns, etc.
    7. In addition to the previous items, providing content related to this service
  2. Consignment of personal information

    When providing the service of this website to customers, we may outsource all or part of the handling of personal information for the purpose described in the "1. Purpose of use of personal information". In that case, we will select a contractor that meets sufficient personal information protection and conclude a contract on personal information protection.

  3. Providing personal information to third parties in foreign countries

    Our company may provide personal information to foreigners in foreign countries when outsourcing personal information based on paragraph (2) or joint use of personal information based on the preceding paragraph.

  4. About disclosure of personal information, etc.

    We have a notification or disclosure of the purpose of use regarding the personal information to be disclosed, the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to third parties, laws and regulations. We will respond in good faith according to etc. In procedures such as complaints, consultations, or disclosure of personal information, a document that can be confirmed to be the person or its agent is required. Please note that we will bear our prescribed fees for notification or disclosure of personal information or disclosure.

  5. About cookies

    Our service website uses a technology called cookies. A cookie is a mechanism to temporarily hold a specific information as data on a user's communication device, etc., and identify users based on the data for each connection. We provide services on the premise of using cookies. Therefore, if you do not allow cookies, you may not be able to receive some services of our company. Whether or not to use cookies can be set in the user's browser. Check the settings as needed.

Chapter 3 Use of Service

Article 9 Range of service

Members can use the various services provided by this service.

Article 10 prohibited matters

Members shall not perform the following acts:

  1. Acts to apply for false registration contents when using
  2. An act that hinders the operation of this service and may hinder this service
  3. Acts that use a credit card illegally to use this service
  4. Acts to illegally use a user ID or password
  5. An act of inconvenience, disadvantages or damage to other members, third parties or our company
  6. An act of infringing other members, third parties or our trademark rights, copyrights, privacy, other rights
  7. Acts that are contrary to public order and morals, other acts that violate laws and regulations, or those that are likely to be
  8. Acts to use this service for commercial purposes
  9. An act of sending other members to other members without permission, advertising, advertising, solicitation, etc., hinders the receiving emails of other members, or acts to transfer a chain -like mail. Or the act of transferring according to the request
  10. Acts that access other members or service facilities without authority, or hinder the use or operation, or such a likely act
  11. Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of our email or homepage
  12. In addition to the previous items, we judge that we are inappropriate

If you violate any of the preceding items, it is not only a mere etiquette violation, but also violates the law, trademark law, copyright law, copyright law, civil law, and other laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of criminal law and unauthorized access acts, and criminal liability. You may be liable for civil damages.

Article 11 Copyright

Members cannot use any information provided through the Service outside of the permission of the right holder, outside of copyright law, such as personal duplication of individuals. If a member violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the member will solve the issues that are incurred and expensive, and shall not cause any nuisance or damage to us.

Chapter 4 Purchase of Product

Article 12 Purchase of products

Members can purchase products from us using this service. If you wish to purchase a product, you will apply for the purchase of the product or the use of the service according to the method specified by us. At the time of the application set forth in the preceding paragraph, when we send an e -mail to the member to the member, a sales agreement for the product shall be concluded between the member and us. Delivery of products by this service is limited to Japan.

Article 13 Cancellation of the contract

If it applies to the following items, we may cancel the contract.

  1. If the member violates these Terms
  2. When a credit card company specified by a member has notified that the credit card specified by the member is not available
  3. When it turns out that the member's payment ability has become in danger
  4. If the product is out of stock and it cannot be easily delivered
  5. If you can't deliver due to unknown notifications or long -term absence

Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is an improper or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, we may cancel or cancel the sales contract and take other appropriate measures.

Article 14 settlement method

The product payment amount is the total of the product purchase price, shipping fee, and commission (in the case of payment required) including consumption tax. The payment of the product purchased by this service shall be paid by a credit card in the name of the member, or the payment method separately acknowledged by us. In the case of a credit card payment, the member shall follow the conditions that the member signs separately with the card company. In addition, when paying with a credit card, the member recognizes the risk of leakage of credit card numbers associated with payment methods such as transmission of credit card numbers, and shall do this under his own responsibility. Masu. In addition, if a dispute occurs between the member and the credit card company, etc., it shall be resolved by both parties, and we shall not be liable at all.

Article 15 Returns of products, etc.

Returns or exchanges of the product shall not be possible except for damage during delivery, defects and misdivisions of the product. In the case of damage during delivery, defects and misdivisions of products, it shall be returned or exchanged only if the member contacts us within the period specified by the company after receiving the product. Masu. In that case, the member shall return the product in accordance with the method specified separately by our company at the burden of our company.

Chapter 4 Operation of this service

Article 16 Management of information

We shall be able to use the comments and other information sent after the member agree to use it, and shall be used in this service without any refusal to the member. If one is applicable, it is possible to delete it without retiring the member.

  1. If this information infringes the copyright or other rights of a third party, or is deemed to have damaged the honor or trust of our or third parties.
  2. If the information has received a warning that the information infringes the copyright or other rights of a third party or damages the honor or trust of a third party, from the third party.
  3. If it is recognized as violating Japan or the applicable foreign law
  4. If you receive instructions, guidance, etc. from the government agency

Article 17 Maintenance of this service

In order to maintain the operation status of this service, if it falls under any of the following items, we will stop all or part of the service provision without prior notice to the member. You can do it.

  1. In the case of regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
  2. When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to fire, power outage, interference acts by third parties, etc.
  3. In addition to the previous issue, if we judge that the system is unavoidable, it is necessary to stop the system.

Article 18 Disclaimer

If you are obliged to notify the members, you will be instructed by the member when purchasing the product by submitting a notification to the e -mail address registered in advance, and when purchasing the product. It is assumed that the duty has been fulfilled by delivering the product to the destination. In any case, we shall not be liable for any use of the Service, damage, loss, disadvantages, etc., regardless of the legal claim cause, and for damages, losses, disadvantages, etc., which are sold in this service. 。 We are not responsible for any damage caused by the members who could not use this service. We will be exempted by processing office work according to the contents of the member's registration. If the member uses the Service and causes damage to other members or third parties, the member will be resolved at his own responsibility and expenses, and it will be inconvenient to us. I will not do it. When we change the password of the member, we are exempted by performing the identity verification in our designated method. For the installation of computer equipment and communication equipment necessary for members to use this service, telephone charges required for using this service, usage fees, etc., and application fees, etc. to the members themselves. Please pay. Members will use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome as a browser used for the use of this service. If the use of a browser other than our designation causes problems such as not displaying the screen correctly, we will not be liable at all and will not accept any questions.