Vida+ Early Summer Coordination

The spicy pollen season is over, and the number of days in light clothes has gradually increased.

It is said that Tokyo is close to the rainy season, but you want to enjoy early Summer style with one piece of one piece before the rainy season and on a sunny day between the rainy season!

This time, I tried to coordinate VIDA+in an up style for such a season.

The outing style that matches the feminine and elegant lace dress is

Because it is a color that is familiar to the skin, it is perfect for everyday use.

Good compatibility with brown and gold watches, the neck and arms are simple and refreshing.

Hair and makeup is a low soft and soft way of putting it, and it has both elegance and feminine sense of omission.

The lip is also a choice of an adult feminine pink beige.



Wearing model: mini rectangular Morpho JM83932GM-MOP-BK


Wearing model: Slant J84973G


Wearing model: CURIOUS V-004GI-DB


This time, I tried to match it with three models, Morpho, Slant, and Curious.

There is also the pleasure of choosing a clock according to the coordination of clothing and styling, so please refer to it if you like.



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