Our origin encountered over 30 years ago
It started with one vintage watch.

Work on handling of vintage watches,
I have repeated thousands of valuable encounters.
The unique individuality of vintage is
I fascinate the people of the people of the world.

However, many of the antique watches currently considered their famous goods are
Rareness increases and prices continue to rise,
When I was aware of it, it was an out of reach.

VIDA + was born in 2007 from such dilemma.
Pursuing the fun to change the clock,
Choose a few points from a number of vintage clocks,
On the theme of fusion with modern times,
Pull out the vintage attraction to the maximum.

Under new system from October 2020
Vida + is a later vintage clock
We will restart the work that will remain in the memorable work.

Your VIDA (life)
Hope to be able to add a nice time.