Notice of Vida+ Popup Event "Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan 1966"

Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan, a modern movement architecture in Japan.

It is the origin of the store name that was completed in 1966 by Kenzo Tange's design. "Old and new THE OLD AND THE NEW" A space suitable for such a building, and the product lineup at YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966

Vida+ PopUP EVENT will be held.

Service: Wednesday, March 1st -March 26th (Sun)

place:2-6-10 north exit, Kofu City, Yamanashi PrefectureYamanashi Bunka Kaikan 2nd floorYamanashi Bunka Kaikan 1966

Regular holiday: Monday, Tuesday

TEL: 055-225-5222


Inside the store, the sale of carefully selected Yamanashi wine, which boasts the best wine production in Japan,

There is also an eat -in space where you can enjoy hand drip coffee by Iwataya Coffee, which has a reputation for hot -style roasting.

We always sell select and sell original jewelry unique to Yamanashi Prefecture, which has a deep history of jewelry, and hold various events at all times.

In Yamanashi Prefecture, it will be the first Vida+event, and it is a valuable opportunity to see in the full lineup, so please take a look at this opportunity.


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