Notice of Vida+ Casket New Color release

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This time, we will release a new color of the model CASKET as a new work of S/S in 2023.

It is a model that has been used by many people since its release and has received many new colors, but following the holiday line at the end of last year, it will be released in two new colors in silvercases.



From the beginning of the planning and development, it has been decided to be two colors, navy and gray, and the background of the vintage watch navy and gray dial, which is also the starting point of Vida+.

Due to aging over time of about half a century, the colors that would have been shiny with a new one at the time have become an exquisite color and exist in modern times.

Indeed, the charm of vintage products is exhausted to the color and texture that cannot be created artificially, but this time we repeatedly prototyped to get closer to that texture.

If you want to explain the color as a letter, it is simply navy and gray, but both have a color -flavored finish that cannot be described in words.

The image is also included in a color that is close to the color of the product, but I hope you can enjoy the part that will have a different expression depending on the viewing angle.


Part number: Casket J84982SM GRE

Price: 30,800yen Taxinc

February 25, 2023 (Saturday) PM 12: 00 Released




Part number: Casket J84983SM NVY

Price: 30,800yen Taxinc

February 25, 2023 (Saturday) PM 12: 00 Released



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