Notice of Vida+ Vintage Watch Event "Drama H.P.P.FRANCE"

Creators Jewelry Incubation SHOP

(Creator's Jewelry Incubation Shop)] A select shop with a selection of newly born creation with the aesthetics of DRAMA.

A Vida+ & Vintage Watch event will be held on DRAMA H.P.France.

It is an event held every year at this time,

This time, the Isetan Shinjuku store, Shinjuku LUMINE store, Yokohama LUMINE store, and Umeda Hankyu store will be held at the same time. (The contents of the event vary depending on the store)

Vintage products are held at Shinjuku Lumine store and Yokohama LUMINE.

* You can also see VIDA+for Shinjuku Lumine and Yokohama Lumine.

The Isetan Shinjuku store and the Umeda Hankyu store will be held only with VIDA+.

The vintage is called the next -generation vintage product, which is a new vintage mainly in Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, and Tiffany, Rolex from the 1960s and 1990s, and Omega's 18KYG material mechanical.

At the Isetan Shinjuku store, we will develop with VIDA+full line, and the Umeda Hankyu store will propose coordination with jewelry that mainly dealt with metal breath models.

Experienced staff will guide you to proposals in a wide range of scenes, such as gifts and ourselves.

Regarding vintage, there are the same models and similar models, but the state and size vary depending on each individual.

The current holding models at Halo Bijoux H.P.FRANCE, including the exhibition models at the Halo Bijoux H.P.FRANCE store, will have a volume of about 150 points, so you can go around with Shinjuku, Hibiya, Yokohama and look for your favorite models. Is possible.

Please take a look at this opportunity.




Period: 11/1-12/31

Held store: DRAMA H.P.FRANCE Isetan Shinjuku





Vintage Event

Period: 11/1-12/31

Held store: DRAMA H.P.FRANCE Shinjuku

DRAMA H.P.FRANCE Yokohama store









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