Notice of the release of VIDA+ HOLIDAY COLLECTION

A new model will be added to the popular Casket and ARC as the winter collection of 2022 winter collections.


Ref: ARC J84980G LE-BK

To make it easier to use or coordinate in daily use,
Croco pattern pressed black is combined. You can enjoy a wide range from chic colors to color tops.
Because the belt is a quick change type, it can be purchased by a belt alone and can be attached and detached.

It is often said that it is a big clock in Vida+,

It is much smaller than the general men -like watch.

It's not a small class, but you'll feel that it is exquisite size when worn.

ARC of such a size is a wide compatibility model from business to town use.

NewJ84980G LE-BKEasy to match with casual outfits such as denim,

I think it can be applied to the jacket style well.

Ref: Casket J84981GM


The dial that pursued deep black is
With a gloss, a cooler and lacquer finish.
While using only “⿊ and ⾦”, keep the glittering feeling of the glare only, and do not claim too much in the casquet -specific form ⿊⾦
You can enjoy the distribution of.

The Casket series that has been supported a lot since its release.

Many people have expressions such as cuteness because of the size,

The new work is a cool and cool model among the cute forms.

Both of the Holiday Collection introduced this time are available in "Premium Pertner Shop".

Please check here for details.



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