Notice of temporarily suspension of system maintenance and in -house training 1/20-1/28

Thank you for using Vida+OfficialShop on a daily basis.

Product deployment warehouse inventory and in -house business training without permission, the following period productsWe will inform you that shipping services and repair reception will be suspended.

Shipping schedule January 20, 2024 (Sat) -An January 28, 2024 (Sun)

All orders on January 19 (Fri) during the above period and on Friday, January 19 will start shipping after January 29 (Monday).

If you wish to arrive in the product during the relevant period, please complete your order until January 18 (Thursday).

In addition, the return on the repaired products will also start shipping after January 30 (Monday).

It is possible for online orders and inquiries during the above period.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you.

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