Vida + Brown Coordination

The season is the time when I feel the spring of spring on the calendar,

Today's Tokyo is a cold snow pattern. . .

Spring signs are still ahead, but the remaining short winter fashion is also like to enjoy!

We combined Vida + with Brown Coordinite by multiplying the February event that drifts sweet aroma.

The trod style created with Brown setup is a jacket characterized by a large one button, and it is plused to be elegant in white knit and black tights while showing it. Tightening to a corde that is too sweet in black middle cut boots.

Hair makeup omits extra decor, and the goodness of the item with a proper 7: 3 division, and the straight hair. Lip is also summarized in minimal.

Wear model: SLANT J84973G


Wear model: Casket J84966GM


Wear model:Inherit J84964G LE-BR


Wear model:Orderly J84979G LE-LGR

Wear model:ARC J84977G LE-LGR



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