Vida + Brown Coordination

The season has passed after spring, but on the calendar, it is time to feel the coming of spring,

Today's Tokyo is a cold and heavy snow pattern. 。 。

Spring signs are still ahead, but I want to enjoy the short winter fashion!

I took Vida+with a brown coordination with a sweet fragrance event.

The trad style made by setup of brown is a jacket featuring a large one -button, and it shows the elegance with a white knit or black tights while showing it tightly. Tighten the outfit that does not become too sweet with black middle cut boots.

Hair and makeup omits extra decorations, and the best 7: 3 division, smooth straight hair with good quality. The lip is also minimalized.

Wearing model: Slant J84973G


Wearing model: Casket J84966GM


Wearing model:INHERIT J84964G LE-B


Wearing model:Orderly J84979G LE-LGR

Wearing model:ARC J84977G LE-LGR



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