Notice of Vintage Watch Event Drama store

DRAMA LUMINE Yokohama store from May 1st@drama_hpfrance_yokohama At
From the 1960s Omega and the NEXT Vintage, from the 1980s to the early 2000s,
We will gather about 70 Chanel and hold events.

In addition to the popular GUCCI Change Besel and Sherry Line, which was sold out early last year, the Bangle 2700 series started
In all, the royal road, Cartier Must Tank, which is declining year by year, and CHANEL Premiere, which have been reprinted last year, will gather.
There are many items in mint conditions, please try it on at the store.

Season: 5/1 to 5/31
Location: LUMINE Yokohama store 2nd floor DRAMA Yokohama store



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