Notice of VIDA+EVENT "Include Bihouligoshed"

Handling original jewelry, which is full of individuality, mainly in domestic writers

Incrude by Fulioshed "Include by Fuligoshed"

Vida+ EVENT will be held in.

There is also a permanent development, but in addition to the regular line,

It will be deployed with the content that has been significantly increased.

Please come and take a look at this opportunity.


The details are as follows.

Period: Wednesday, October 5th -October 18th (Tuesday)

place:JR Nagoya Takashimaya1st floor women's accessory section special sales floor andIncrude by Fulioshed

* Sales locations vary depending on the period.

October 5th (Wednesday) -October 11 (Tuesday) Special sales floor in the women's accessory section

October 12th (Wednesday) -October 18th (Tuesday) Incrude by Fulioshed

Contact:TEL 052-566-3774







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