Vida + Spring Style Cordination

I also heard the cherry blossoms as well as the temperature rise,

It is also a season when low pressure and high pressure are mixed, and there are many changes in weather in this day ..


It is a season with many people who will live in a new environment, such as graduation, admission, moving and transferred.

Currently, the lifestyle has changed completely, but when this time it is this time, the impulse that wants to new tune the item around me does not change.

In VIDA +, which is based on the taste that has been loved for several decades, we have an item that does not get tired in any season in any time.

This time we will deliver coordination tailored to the spring style.

This spring choses Ashburu's and cool suit style.

Among the suit-style colors and accessories also enjoy the work style.

Navy's inner is simple while adding accents to the neck,

Feet and Katyusha are aligned in beige


Hair makeup is a central part of a mansheable setup style

Straight hair. Make the headband with an outline,

Update setup interpretation.


Wear model: Orderly J84979G LE-LGR

Wear model: Mini Rectangular JM83931 SV

Wear model: ARC J84974S

Wear model: Orderly J84968S LE-BK


We introduced four VIDA + in a simple style.

Impressions change in the color of the belt and the clock case.

Since the belt can also be replaced by the product, how is the variation of the clock according to the style?


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